Cocoa powder: Discover its many Applications

Cocoa powder: Discover its many Applications

One of the most widely used raw materials as a base for pastries, cakes, cookies, breads, toppings, candies, and drinks is cocoa powder. Therefore, learn about its main industrial applications and its value for your bakery.

Industrial Uses of Cocoa Powder

Thanks to its wide variety of uses, it is one of the top products in the bakery industry worldwide. For instance, these are the bakery products that use it as an ingredient:

Cakes and Tarts

Many traditional international baking recipes include ground cocoa used as a base for sweet cakes, for example, to make sablé dough. The famous Banoffee tart, Toffee tart or the classic bitter chocolate tart uses this dough.

It is also the main ingredient of brownies, a traditional American pastry recipe.

Cocoa Powder Biscuits

This ingredient provides the perfect dose of moisture to all types of sponge cakes and piononos to make them fluffy. Good quality ground cocoa retains the original pH of the bean; thus, thanks to its natural acidity, it can act as a leavening agent. Many recipes include it as a baking soda activator.

In addition, to create cakes such as black forest, sponge cakes can be filled with various creams. Ground cocoa is the main ingredient for the classic cupcakes and muffins of the American bakery.

Sweet Baked Goods

Many baked goods include cocoa among their ingredients, for example:

  • Chocolate cookies: the classic round, flattened cookies made with cocoa dough (chocolate shortbreads), or the Christmas favorite (snickerdoodles).
  • Profiteroles, biscuits, and other baked goods typical of traditional European cuisine.
  • Chocolate volcanoes: it is a tender sponge cake with an unset mixture inside, which contains a warm sauce filling.
  • Puddings: they have a thicker consistency and may include a chocolate-based frosting.

Fillings and Creams

Industrial confectionery often uses ground cocoa to create different fillings for cakes, pies, and pastries. In this sense, one of the most popular options to make classic chocolate cakes is whipped cream with cocoa and liqueur.

In addition, this ingredient is the base for making frostings and icings for cupcakes. Ground cocoa is even sprinkled on top of cakes and desserts for a perfect final presentation and used to sprinkle truffles, chocolates, and other fine confectionery recipes.

Drinks with Cocoa Powder

This product, thanks to its versatility, is also the base of some traditional drinks such as:

  • Cocoa: hot or cold, made with milk and ground cocoa, it is popular all over the world. It is ideal to accompany all kinds of baked goods and pastries.
  • Cappuccino: this tempting drink is made with milk, coffee and cocoa, with a topping of whipped cream.

In conclusion, cocoa powder is an essential product in the bakery and pastry industry. Use cocoa in your business to create all kinds of tempting products for your customers.


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