About Us


For more than 30 years, the members of DISJOBEL have been linked to the agricultural production and food industries. On the first steps of agribusiness some of us work in the cultivation and marketing of fruits and vegetables, while others develop a career in the food industry in various sectors including dairy, fruit derivatives, vegetable fats and processing of meat. This learning allowed us to know in detail the main technological processes of the industry, the quality assurance systems, the logistics and the marketing of food and the principles and values of the leading food companies for technology and business ethics.




In the last ten years we have established alliances with leading food product manufacturers in their respective markets to serve the North American market under the following precepts:

Products: the best in quality, naturalness, technology, innovation, guarantee of supply. We verify with our allies the production processes based on their raw materials, technical data sheets, quality certifications, packing and labeling and we work under the FDA's FSVP program. We make custom-made developments for clients on topics such as clean label products or  functional specifications.

Service: We take care of every detail in inventory management, product traceability, shipping and logistics of orders and deliveries to guarantee the perfect condition of our products, the opportunity in customer service, the guarantee in handling requirements

Costs: we seek to offer very good prices at the best quality level, for which we work from the door of the manufacturer to delivery to our client in each cost element to achieve an optimal cost / benefit ratio and always be the first supply option.

Communication: we want to get to know our clients, attend to their needs, learn from them and transfer our knowledge to them, provide them with agile means to make their purchase, have permanent feedback and permanently enrich our offer with functional products, technological improvements, new uses and flavors, within a limited range of activities in which we specialize.



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