Premium Cacao Liquor | Versatile Ingredient for Exceptional Chocolates

Discover the finest cacao liquor for crafting exceptional chocolates. Our premium cacao liquor is made from carefully fermented, dried, and roasted cocoa beans. It contains both cocoa solids and cocoa butter in equal proportion, providing the perfect foundation for creating high-quality chocolates.

Derived from a meticulous process, our cacao liquor is versatile and flavorful. Whether you're making dark, semi-sweet, or milk chocolate, our premium cacao liquor delivers richness and intensity. It serves as the essential ingredient, along with sugar, soy lecithin, and cocoa butter, to create chocolates of unparalleled taste and quality.

Trust Disjobel USA as your go-to source for premium cacao liquor. Elevate your chocolate-making endeavors and experience the difference that our exceptional cacao liquor brings to your creations.