Bakery Ingredients


Palm oil (olein) is extracted from the fruit of the palm tree (African palm) and from this and other derivatives of the fruit by fractionation processes are obtained the best vegetable oils and fats for the food industry, with great advantages in health matters, such as the absence of trans fats and genetically modified seeds. 


Palm fats: butter and margarines have uses in all branches of baking and in end uses in the home or food service. Palm oils especially resistant to frying and devoid of odors that change the natural flavor of food also have a preference among the different food industries




Our catalog of fats covers the different applications in bakery: bakery doughs, biscuits, cakes, puff pastry doughs, cakes toppings, butter cream bases, pastry cream, whipped cream


The bakery product line is complemented by fillings, condensed milk, whip topping creams, sweet milk and spreads, all leading products in the industry