Bar hopping, a trend worth exploring to boost your beer business

Bar hopping, a trend worth exploring to boost your beer business

Craft beer has experienced a surge in size and sales during recent years. If you are looking to boost your beer business, keep reading to learn more about how bar hopping can help you achieve this.

Bar hopping in a nutshell

Essentially, bar hopping is where patrons visit many establishments in a single night. They usually have a drink or two before they go on to the next location.

This practice is said to have begun in the United Kingdom, where pubs tend to be within walking distance of each other. It is considered a contemporary phenomenon popular since the turn of the 20th century due to the rise of tourism.

Nowadays, bar hopping has become a much more planned activity. Some people adventure into the night with specific places in mind. There are also businesses that offer curated routes according to customers’ interests. That is how you can find localized tours, as well as themed ones (think Halloween, St. Patrick’s, or zombies). There are also outings specializing in things like flavored beer or brewpubs.

Bar hopping for businesses

The main benefit of bar hopping for businesses is increased exposure. Companies that promote these tours not only market your business, they also introduce it to diverse target markets.

It is also a prime opportunity to access potential customers’ data for your own marketing efforts. If possible, join a tour that shares the patrons’ data with participating venues.

Bar hopping, a trend worth exploring to boost your beer business
Bar hopping, a trend worth exploring to boost your beer business

Getting involved

To begin with, you can contact companies that put bar hopping (See also: Microbrewery ) experiences together and find out how to join them. Maximize exposure and differentiation by integrating with a route with as few businesses similar to yours as possible. Chances are you will stand out if yours is the only microbrewery on the tour.

There are also apps on which you can register your business, so people in your area can visit on private outings.

Another option is to organize your own scheme. You can invite other local breweries, and even get sponsors.

Tips for success

Here are a few recommendations for successfully exploiting bar hopping:

  • Specify if you are offering your entire menu to the hopping patrons, or just part of it. Select choices of drink and food may be the best option when welcoming large or numerous parties.
  • Staff appropriately for a possible influx of patrons an event could bring. Your best selection of lager beers or types of beer glasses will mean nothing if your customers have a bad experience. Make sure to properly inform your employees as well.
  • Tend to your regular crowd. They should be able to enjoy your offer at its fullest, even when you are hosting a bar hopping group. Make sure to maintain your level of customer service to all and extend the amenities to them if possible.

The bar hopping trend can engage new customers and drive them to your business when done properly on your side. Give it a try!